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Flock Performance

In the following table we have summarized recent reproduction and growth data on our flock. Our goal is to produce sheep that can lamb year round at 8 month intervals that milk well and produce superior lambs for our targeted markets. Our ewes weigh an average of 154 lbs at 2 years of age and combine the best of the Finn and Polled Dorset breeds. They are prolific, breed out of season, milk extremely well, lamb unassisted on pasture, and produce lambs with superior carcasses.


Sheep For Sale


Shown above is a 20 month-old ewe prior to giving birth for her second time in October (twin births at both lambings). These ewes are commonplace in our flock to the extent that we can now offer animals with this performance for sale. Please contact us to reserve performance proven breeding stock. Our flock is of superior health status (OPP and foot rot free) and we feel confident we can provide superior genetics for those interested in improving flock performance. Our ewes are both prolific and breed out of season and our rams are aggressive breeders with exceptional out-of-season fertility.